Who can set up a jar?
Every physical and online company which registers at www.thebitcoinjar.com and agrees to follow The Bitcoin Jar's "Terms and Conditions".

When does the jar break?
The jar breakes when the total amount of the bitcoin TIPs reaches or exceeds the jar's capacity.

Are there any costs of participating in The Bitcoin Jar's project?
Participation is free of charge. We only require an activation fee when the jar is created. The fee is currently set at 0.003 BTC.

Who stores / owns the bitcoins?
Bitcoins are stored / owned by the jar owners directly. The Bitcoin Jar do not provide any wallet services.

Who establishes the rules?
Companies themselves by specifying them at the jar's subpage. But if they don't, The Bitcoin Jar's first come, first served rule applies.

What happens with the bitcoins exceeding the jar's capacity?
The amount of bitcoins that exceeds the jar's capacity will be assigned to the next jar when the broken one is reset.

Is there any max and min jar's capacity?
Yes, there is. At the moment the capacity ranges from 0.02 to 0.7 BTC, but it may be changed during the bitcoin price fluctuations. In some cases, before resetting a jar, the company may need to redefine the jar's capacity.

Can the jar's capacity be changed?
Yes, but it has to be between max and min levels. The rules and the prize may be changed as well, but the changes become valid when the jar is reset after breaking.

What does the jar widget do?
The widget shows current jar's fill level with orange color and directs to the jar's subpage. The widget's code is available at the jar's subpage and free to use.

Who can receive the prizes?
Basically, anyone. The Bitcoin Jar's main rule is – first come, first served. The rule is valid unless different rules are established by the jar owners. For more details check the "Rules" at the jar's subpages.

How to receive the prizes?
Prizes can be received by visiting the jar owners at their places, or by sending an e-mail if it's an online business. Note that each time the Jar breaks, the number of prizes is limited.

How many prizes can be received at once?
Each person can receive one prize when the jar breaks. Of course, the prizes can be received again when jar breaks again.

Why does the total number of prizes change in time?
The number of prizes is dependent upon three factors: the jar's capacity / price of bitcoin / cost of the prize in the base currency. When the bitcoin price rises, more prizes are available. When it falls, it is the opposite.

Where does the data on the bitcoin price come from?
The bitcoin price comes from bitcoincharts.com API.