Terms and Conditions


Jar - service available through The Bitcoin Jar web application.
Jar Owner – a company that registers a Jar at The Bitcoin Jar web application and agrees to follow The Bitcoin Jar's Terms and Conditions.
Jar Subpage – a defined location at The Bitcoin Jar's web application where some of the Jar's Parameters and info about the company may be viewed.
Jar Parameters:
Capacity - a limit set in bitcoin. The Jar breaks when the limit is reached or exceeded.
Prize – a single type of goods or services available for free once the Jar breaks.
Rules – a set of conditions that describe the way the Prizes are received.
Cost of the Prize – the amount of the money set as a value of a single Prize.
Base Currency – the currency in which the Jar Owner evaluates the Cost of the Prize.


1. For the time being one company can set up only one Jar.
2. The Jar Owner decides on the Jar's Parameters.
3. The Jar's Parameters can be changed anytime by the Jar Owner, but the changes are valid when the broken Jar is reset.
4. The Jar breaks when the total amount of TIPs reaches or exceeds its Capacity. The amount of bitcoins that exceeds the Jar's Capacity will be assigned to the next Jar, when the broken one is reset.
5. The Prizes received by the customers when the Jar breaks must be free of charge.
6. The first customers to request free Prizes when the Jar is broken must receive them, unless different Rules are established by the Jar Owner at the Jar’s Subpage.
7. A minimum of one person must benefit from the broken Jar and its Prizes.
8. The Jar must not be used in lotteries, gambling, nor for any illegal or nefarious purposes.
9. The total number of Prizes may change over time because of the bitcoin price fluctuations.
10. Each customer can receive only one Prize from the broken Jar.
11. The total number of available Prizes is always rounded down.


11. The Bitcoin Jar reserves the right to ban the companies which violate the rules set out in Terms and Conditions or act dishonestly.
12. The Bitcoin Jar does not bear responsibility for dishonest acts of the companies which participate in the program.
13. The Bitcoin Jar reserves the right to send emails to subscribers in order to verify if they continue to be interested in subscribing their Jars.
14. The Bitcoin Jar reserves the right to reset the maximum and the minimum Jar's Capacity.
15. The Bitcoin Jar reserves the right to change and improve the "Terms and Conditions" during the beta stage.